About is the personal blog of Mat Leonard (that's me). Here I write about data analysis, statistics, art, and pretty much anything that interests me.

About Mat

I currently live on the border of Berkeley and Oakland in California, but I'm originally from Kansas. I earned a PhD in Physics from UC Berkeley, where I wrote my dissertation on the neural correlates of working memory in rat prefrontal cortex. During that time, I fell in love with Python, became a Bayesianist, and found a deep passion for education. I'm now a course developer at Udacity, bringing education to the world.

I spend most of my spare time reading, listening to music, playing video/board/card games, running, riding my bike, etc. I'll probably make some posts about things I like of this sort. I have really good taste in pretty much everything. Except for my actual sense of taste, it's pretty lackluster.

I created Sampyl, a Python package implementing MCMC samplers designed for use in Bayesian parameter estimation. It currently has been starred 27 times on GitHub, so you know, I'm kind of a "big deal."

You can find me on Twitter if you'd like.